?How to promote your organization’s people competency

By: Jamal Al Otaibi

Due to rapid market change and growth with huge human resources demand, a lot of competent employees leaving their organizations looking for new opportunity to grow or for better work environment.
Regardless of their organization culture or the management hidden reasons which may contribute to employee turnover, Nowadays it becomes a global issue to retain the competent employee.
Facing this serious situation, the organization executives found themselves with only two solutions to come over this impact and to retain their competent talents

To make a full-fledged succession plan,
To keep the process of generating competent people always ON

Developing a succession plan always linked with competent employee availability. Therewith, In order to process a system that assure competent employee availability, the organization should design its own competency standard alinged with its startegy and vision. Answering the question of “Why I develop the employee?” is vital at this stage. The first step is to check the actual performance of organization and people against existing standard, or to set new one. There are two parts to this:

Current Situation
Organization must determine the current state of skills, knowledge, and abilities of its current employees. This analysis also should examine organizational goals, climate, and internal and external constraints.

Desired Situation
Organization must identify the desired conditions for organizational and personal success. This analysis focuses on the necessary job tasks and assingnments, as well as the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to accomplish these successfully. It is important that to identify the critical tasks or positions, and not just observe current practices.

Assessment and Gap Analysis
A competency assessment “as observable behavior based” can measure these gaps either by using 360 method or a self and next level assessment method. By identifying the competency gap, a training and learning development goals must be planned as continues action based on

Employee performance gap
Employee growth & succession business needs

Finally, learning curriculum recommended to follow that based on competency standard to help to bridge the gaps and to accelerate the growth. Meanwhile, an annual assessment shall be performed to keep the wheal of the of promoting competent people always running



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