A World Class Manager

FIRST_Break all the Rules

A book “FIRST, Break all the Rules” By Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman is defining What the world’s greatest managers do differently where the path of great managers “demands discipline, focus, trust, and, perhaps most important, a willingness to individualize”.

To answer the question of “How do the world’s best managers find, focus, and keep talented employees?”, Mr. Buckingham and Coffman described 4 keys of focus which will help them to turn each employee’s talent into performance by (1) Selecting the talent, (2) Defining the right outcomes, (3) Focusing on strengths & (4) Fit the talent.

It will be absolute truth if I say “Managing people is endless since” .. but the rule A of management I believe is the one put by prophet Mohammed –pbuh- when he said “Likes for your brothers as you likes to yourself” .. and the word “Brothers” has a rich meaning in managing subordinates.

Therefore; A world class managers always giving their time and advice for their talents .. focusing on strengths ..fostering the value-feel environment .. helping “brothers” to grow & utilize their skills .. managing by love and empathy, where the empathy doesn’t mean agreement, but means “You Matter, We Matter, This Matter”.

This is mentioned by Buckingham and Coffman as a golden rule “Teat each person as he would like to be treated, bearing in mind who he is”

Finally, simplifying all: By getting higher in managerial and executive level, you need more wise humanity & less sharp technicality in your mind initiators.. and as much as you sharpen your “Pinnacle” skills, people will follow you because of who you are and what you represent .. then you and I will be a World Class Managers.

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