?What keeps you

By: Jamal Al Otaibi

At their 5th edition book “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em”, Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan survey has revealed that 70% of the reasons keeps employee in their organization are emotional.

Over 18,000 managers & subordinates internationally been asked for [What keeps you in your organization?] the findings confirm what many others (e.g., Blessing White, Gallup, Towers Watson, Sirota) have learned about the most common reasons employees remain at a company (and what will help retain them). The items recur throughout every industry and at every level.

The differences between functions, levels, genders, geographic regions, and ages are minor. Here are the top 13 responses listed in order of frequency of response as of Today 13 May 2014.

1 – Exciting, challenging, or meaningful work

2 – Supportive management/good boss

3 – Being recognized, valued, and respected

4 – Career growth, learning, and development

5 – Job location

6 – Job security and stability

7 – Fair pay

8 – Flexible work environment

9 – Pride in the organization, its mission or product

10 – Fun, enjoyable work environment

11 – Working with great coworkers or clients

12 – Good benefits

13 – Loyalty and commitment to coworkers or boss


How do your employees’ answers compare with the list? Find out what truly matters to them by asking. Then create customized, innovative approaches to retaining your talent.
By the way, if you’d like to see the complete “What Kept You” survey data, including updated findings and multiple demographic breakdowns, go to our website, http://www.keepem.com and click on the “What Kept You?” link.

Some of you immediately noticed the fact that fair pay lands in seventh place on this list. Here is what we know about pay.

The good news about these results that the top 4 responses (68.8% of reasons make employee stayed in an organization) are within direct manager control. And since it is mostly about Empathy & Honest feedback, I personally started “Stay Interview” with my team asking “What keeps you in the organization?” & “What will entice you? And what will turn you over?” not to wait to conduct “Exit Interview”. By the way I call it  Love ’em meeting.


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