Why employees leave their jobs


By: Jamal Al Otaibi

It’s  a common belief that employees leave manager not company. And once we go deep, it will be clear how this sense became a state of fact.
Leigh Branham “Author of: 7 hidden reasons employees leave” summarized those reasons  as following:

1) The job or workplace was not as expected.
2) The mismatch between job and person.
3) Too little coaching and feedback.
4) Too few growth and advancement opportunities.
5) Feeling devalued and unrecognized.
6) Stress from overwork and work-life imbalance.
7) Loss of trust and confidence in leaders.

He analyzed over 20,000 surveys asking employees why they left their last job. Although most managers believe pay is the primary reason people quit for, Branham discovered that the number ONE reason actually is “loss of trust and confidence in leaders. The number TWO is “Feeling undervalued in recognition, reward and pay”

My personal opinion as I see all above reasons includes words like (expected, mismatch, feedback, feeling devalued, stress, trust, confidence ) which gives clear indication that all of them about Empathy & Communication.
I have contacted Mr. Louise Efron ‘Forbes writer & HR executive’ this week to discuss this subject. He simplified me the solution as “Taking the time to listen to your people”. In addition to this, facts says; happy people will never think to submit their CVs into competitor’s system, if they lose this happiness “the 1st protecting wall” they will start comparing and thinking to quite.
Making employees happy requires Manager to do:

– Take time to listen to employee.
– Being smart to observe the employee who feel boring and devaluated.
– Show the love and respect to each single employee and demonstrate it to coach and develop him to get up and perform better rather than waiting him to submit his resignation.

Therefore, a manager or leader needs to be always OPEN.
OPEN … Mind
OPEN … Heart
And able to make his subordinates feel his love. Merely, without real love you will never lead them rightly.

Finally, to do this, Manager needs to:
– Keep partnership with senior management.
– Develop his leadership style (I suggest to use John Maxwell model).
– Develop his emotional intelligence.

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