Tour in Munich wtih Toastmasters

I used to say that “Making friends is habit of leaders” and that exactly what I believe. Toastmasters International slogan claims that it is “Where Leaders Are Made” but it’s proved really this by providing and facilitating the visiting accessibility to all the members worldwide. I got the honor by yesterday to visit my friends in Munich Toastmasters Club, it was amazing meeting where I saw a very lovely people performing their speeches in very warm environment. I loved the easy, simple and direct way to arranging the meeting and the way to receive the guests. Peoples like Christopher, Jonathan, Esther, Floretan 1, Floretan 2, Stephaney, Karen, Christina, Barry, Matthias, Alex and Club President Mr. Erwin (who I met him on Tuesday afternoon and took me in a tour  through Munich) those people made happy and enjoying my time yesterday. I wish them all the best and the best of the best for their Toastmasters Club while they are celebrating their 40th anniversary of club establishment.

You can access this successful club website on:

Thanks all for your Hospitality. Thanks Erwin for your Friendship, Thanks Esther for your article and very good speech, Thanks to all and hope to see you again in any toastmasters meeting.




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